Cary 303/300 Analog Volume Control...

So, when connecting to a linestage/amp commbo, do I keep the volume on "10?" Or, do I leave it in the middle and crank up the linestage volume??? Does it matter?

Turn the CDP vol up to it's max of 63 and use the preamp gain accordingly. Jim
Thanx Jim. How did you know that? It's not in the manual is it? Just curious :^)
Jim is right. You get the best signal to noise ratio when the volume is set to max. This is assuming your preamp is a rather good one.
I have a Krell Showcase Pre-amp, but I get distortion in higher frequencies when setting the Cary to full volume. I have rolled back the Cary volume about 1/2 way, then get the Krell up to Reference (if I need it that loud) and it sounds great.