Cary 303/200 vs Cary 306/200

Has anyone directy compaired these two CD players together? What are the sonic differences, is it worth the extra cash to get the 306? BTW, I use AES/Cary sixpac amps and AES DJH preamp.
I tried them both and bought the 303/200. Both sounded about the same on my Duo's driven in triode by the Cary V12R.
I have owned both and currently have the 306/200. In my opinion, the sound signature is different with the 306 being more detailed and neutral. I found the 303 to be more forgiven with a lusher midrange, but at the expense of a little accuracy. For me, the 303 main issue was the upper-end was a bit rolled off and smeared for my taste. This was noticeable in comparison with the Ayre CX-7.

Overall, I like both players, but would opt for the 306. I feel the 303 probably works better in less forgiven surroundings. The 303 is also a better bargain.