Cary 303/200 as a transport

I was wondering if anyone had experimented with the Cary 303 as a stand alone transport. I am considering buying the 303 and like the fact that it has a digital output. I want to buy a really good CDP that has a digital output so that at a later point in time I can upgrade just the DACs. I am also up for suggestions on any other CDP's that will fit the bill for what I want to do. Thanks.
I used a Cary 303/100 as a transport and I thought it was very good. With it in place, my system sounded very smooth, balanced, dynamic and just plain musical.

I sold the Cary as part of plan to get a modded universal player. In the interim I am using an old Tosh dvd player as a transport. In spite of pretty extensive power filtration as well as vibration treatment (a ton of blue tak on the transport and on the clock and all capacitors) plus isolation feet, the sound is no where near the Cary (both used as transports feeding a Scott Nixon Tube Dac). The difference is most noticeable in the high frequencies, which are now harsh as opposed to smooth, extended and well integrated. Soundstaging, imaging, general coherency as well as power and impact have also suffered.

If I were not trying to simplify my system, I would have looked into adding a clock (e.g. LClock, SuperClock2, Trichord) to the Cary.