Cary 303/100 vs Cary 306/200

I've had my beloved 303/100 for years and I was inquiring to see if any of you Agoners made the jump from the 100 to the 306/200 and what your thoughts are regarding this move.
Also, in the whatever-it-may-be-worth dept., if anyone has the 200 here in the South Florida area, I'll gladly pay for an audition.
I had a 303/100 for a few years too...I liked it quite a bit. However, the 306/200 is a better sounding player, still with the Cary house "sound", just as dynamic with those huge soundstages, but with more refined highs and less grain. It was just that much closer to natural/real life sound. The 100 is a VG player buth the 306/200 is better.

I eventually wound up with a 303/300 which I also recommend.
Thanks Rackon.