Cary 303-100 versus a modded 333ES

I've posted this over at the Hi-Rez forum @AA to garnish their opinions but the crowd here (IMHO) tends to be less concerned with accuracy at all costs and more concerned with the musicallity of digital playback so here goes in short form...

I have 2 options in front of me:

#1 - Have my 333ES modded which will retain sacd (and apparently better it) and reportedly improve redbook "substantially" so I can flog the ART DI/IO dac I run with it. Tend to find 5 redbook cds I want for every 1 sacd even though there are more sacd discs in the works. Multi-channel is no concern. Net cost around $550

#2 - Flog the ART and the 333ES (both at a big loss) and get a demo Cary 303-100 (reported to be very musical). Net cost (with fingers crossed) should come in around $1000 (top of my budget)

I am flying blind here as I have no idea how a modded 333ES will sound without having it done and I can't audition the Cary prior to purchase.

Current system is 333ES/ART > Rogue 66 > Bryston 4B-ST > Maggie 1.5 so its not the most resolving gear out there.

All comments/recommendations greatly appreciated.
You should concentrate on a Redbook Cd Player.A multui player is a compromise in both SACD and Red book.
2 years from Know you can get a dedicated SACD machine that will trounce the one out there know and for a price you can live with.
Curious? Does your ART sound much better than the 333es on redbooks. I've heard a lot of hype about the ART . Can you describe the differences.
The ART offers better resolution and more air around the instruments. Increased clarity without getting in your face. It'll be up for sale as I have decided to let my budget rule and mod the 333ES.
Well I agree with your decision. The limitation of the Sony players is in the analog output stage and the mods there are very good and directed at the players main limitation. Thus, they are cost effective for the purpose. My Sony will be going in after the first of the year for mods.
There's no doubt that the Cary 303 is a very good player and now that the 303/200 is out, you should be able to find a used 303/100 at a reasonable price (since NEW 303/200's can be had for less than $2K discounted).

Just my opinion but... I doubt you will ever recover your investment in modifying gear vs. a popular piece of unmodified gear (like a used Cary 303 or similar popular item).

Just my opinion (again): If SACD is *that* good, a cheap SACD player should sound pretty decent playing SACD media. With SACD players plumeting in price, I would opt for a high quality redbook only player and get a cheap to modest SACD player if you still need to play SACD media. That is my strategy anyway... Will wait a bit longer before buying my cheapo SACD unit. In the mean time I'm enjoying my Cary 306/200 with my huge redbook CD collection.
Abe - While I have never heard the 303-100 or 200 for that matter (and I'm thankfull I never have - can't miss what you haven't experienced...) the Cary may very well be a more musical player even my my simple system. But since SONY decided to blow the 333ES players out the door the used value of mine dropped into the basement and the net cost of getting the Cary well exceeded my upper budget limit at about $1150. Its hell living on a budget - remember that the Canadian dollar is in the toilet - $1US = $1.65 Canadian so the $1150 US translates into $1900 Canadian!!!