Cary 303/100 skips and stops occasionally

Hoping you guys can help with this.
I've had my Cary 303 for quite awhile and never really had any problems.
Over the past month the player will occasionally skip and stop when putting in a new disc.
Now here's the weird thing-when I leave the player sit for a day, it'll play fine for a week or so straight but after that, the problems start again.
I'm trying to avoid sending it to Cary for repairs because of the cost and I'm hoping it doesn't need a new transport.
As always, your feedback is appreciated.
Open it up and look in side. There's a good chance that swapping out the transport will be a simple job. You still have to buy the transport, but you'll save on the labor.
In addition to what Zd542 said, once you open it up, see if the lens assembly is accessible. It might just need to be cleaned. You could even try a CD cleaning disc, but it's better if you can clean the lens itself from the inside.
Thanks for the responses.
I actually found a shop here in South Florida that seem to be good guys and they're familiar with Cary products.
In fact, they advertise here on Agon.
Thanks again!

Who is the shop in South Florida? I have a Cary 306 Pro with a skip proble as well.
Greh and Jayh31 this should solve your CDs skipping problem ... read this thread and my solution ... I’ve made the same recommendation a number of times on a few different boards and everyone has had success following my simple instruction

Read my responses in the thread and the OPs final reaction at the very end of the thread

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