Cary 303/100 remote control code?

I own a Cary 303/100 cdp and recently the remote decided to quit working properly. I've contacted Cary to find out if they have a replacement remote or a solution to the problem and they said they didn't have a replacement remote or the code to re-program the remote. They suggested opening the remote and cleaning the inside out which I did and it didn't fix it. Is there anyone who has an extra remote for the cdp or who can lend me a remote so Cary could pull the code to reprogram my remote? Thanks in advance.
try going to remote central and see if anyone posted the codes. If they did just look into buying a pronto it makes life so much easer.
I looked over at Remote central and had no luck finding anything about a Cary code. Hopefully I can find the solution to this soon!Thanks for your reply Programmergeek.
I find it odd that Cary doesn't have a replacement, the code to re-program or any other solution for that matter. Did you try speaking with Dennis?