Cary 301 Tube CD Skips

I have a Cary 301 tube CD, it has been skipping lately, like a scratched vinyl record does, any suggestions?

Does it use that Philips CD12(?) transport that they used on the 303?? If it does, you should talk to the people at Cary. There are a few threads on audio asylum about some Philips transport problems on Cary players.
The Cary 301 skipped for about 3 days of very high humid weather. It ceased skipping when it returned to normal. I did experiment with a Shakti Stone over the rear transformer and a VPI Brick opver the traNSPORT. THIS RESULTED IN A WARMER, LARGER, MORE OPEN SOUND. The Cary sounds like analog, its about the only cd player that sounds that way on my Quad 57's.