Cary 300SEI & Western Electric 300b

I own the above amp with and am currently using a pair of Sophia 300bs with a pair of WE300bs on the way. Before I get my new tubes, is there anyone that wants to tell me that I wasted my money and there are other tubes better than the WEs or perahaps that my only regret is that i didn't buy these earlier and nothing else compares with the CAD-300SEI??
I have tried KR 300bXLS, KR 842VHD, Sophia 300b Meshplates, and Western Electric 300B. I prefer the WE's over the rest. I don't think you'll be disappointed.

The only way you could do better is by going with vintage Western Electrics.

The only mistake you made is not using the WE's from the start.
Excellent. I can't wait.
Sounds like I'll be selling my Sophias!
Keep the Sophia's as backups, tubes always blow at the least convenient times!
Good point. However, I do need to sell something to help pay for the WEs!! Maybe power cords.
Love my WEs, but keep a pair of Chinese for the just in case...

I like the WE 300b more than any current production 300b. They seem to last a long time too, at least those that my friends own seem to be very reliable. However, they do have one quality control problem. The base and the glass are not glued together very well and can become loose. I've seen it quite a few times. So, be very careful about only pulling the tube at the base, and treat it gingerly.
Got 'em. Love 'em.
Do a search on 300B from AVVT and if you are interested then drop me an email.I bought a few pair before the company close down.I ve try a quite a few tubes and AVVT are my favorite.
Thanx much.