Cary 300sei driving Wilson Watt Puppy 7

I recently bought a Cary 300sei integrated amp (15W, but more likely 8W according to the measurement) to build a small office system. While I am searching for right speakers, I have hooked up this little amp to my Wilson WP7 speakers for fun. Guess what? It sounds really nice driving Wilson. There is real bass with wonderful mid. It doesn't produce deep tight bass like my Krell 400cx, but still Cary produces nice bass. When Wilson said that the minimum power requirement for Watt Puppy 7 is 7 watt, I guess they were not kidding.

My concern is whether I am clipping the Cary amp and somehow damaging the speakers?
Clipping SE tube amps will not damage speakers like clipping solid state amps.
Man, I would love to hear that combination