Cary 300B SET Mono's ?


Recently i treaded onto the singledriver/horn/300B SET territory as an experiment & got hooked.I have a very basic 300B amp. from Cary susbsidiary, Audio Electronic Supply.
( Model AES SE-1 Signature.)

Now i am ready to upgrade to a better built 300B amplifier/s but have a hard time imagining how much better it could get.

I have seen many pepole happy with their simple DIY or assembled 300B kits. Yes i have read in many places that better transformers, parts etc would make a difference.
But I have no way of auditioning any 300B amps .

The Cary 300SE mono's costs nearly 3 times the price of an AES & they will certainly NOT sound 3 times as better, So i will appreciate very much if some experienced hands can shed some light on this .

So my qestion to you is, IF i upgrade to the Cary 300SE mono's HOW MUCH BETTER CAN IT GET ??? Should i stick with my AES or would it be a meaningful upgrade.

( rest of my sys. for ref : Mauhorn 4 / Linn CDP / Supratek Chardonnay / Cardas cables)

Thanks ,
My personal opinion is that you should take a look at Sun Audio SET amplifiers or Jeff Korneff SET amplifiers.

Make sure that you get some good output transformers, like Tamura or Tango.

While I can not comment directly on your dilema. It has been my experience that the cost / benefit ratio is a logrithmic scale. Meaning that you are going to pay much more for smaller improvements in performance as you go up the scale. Where the curve begins to flatten out is up to the individual.

I agree with Twl's suggestion and to add to it, I suggest you also check out the Wavac MD300b. And you can use it without a seperate pre-amp, eliminating the extra set of interconnects.
Good luck!

hi Dilly,
i am also in the market for a cary 2a3 SE/300B SE and got a couple response from dealers that they are stop making these amps.Can any cary dealers out there can tell me if this is true or not?
Thanks for the suggestions. Does Jeff Korneff have a website?