Cary 300 SE vs Cary 300SEI

Has anyone done a direct comparison of the Cary 300 SE against the Cary 300 SEI? I like the idea of an integrated amp but wonder how much is being lost by having everything in one unit.

I'm not sure that you can compare a pair of Cary 300SEs to a Cary 300SEI. The preamp used to drive the Cary 300SEs can definitely make them perform at Class A status. I have driven my 300SEs with a Cary SLP-98L, an Audio Research LS16 and an Audio Research LS25 MKII; the LS25 MKII is by far the hands down winner. The Cary 300SEI may be a nice unit but I would be stunned if it can out perform the Cary 300SEs - Audio Research LS25 MKII combo.

There is one advantage to using the Cary 300SEI, you don’t need to spend the $$$ for a preamp.
I guess it would also depend on which generation of 300 se monos one is talking about.

There are four if you look at the Cary manual downloads (original 300se, Sig1,2,and 3).Each one seems to use a different driver configuration.

I use to have the first generation monos (but modified) and it was hypnotic with a life like midrange I have yet to hear equalled. These used a single 6sl7 and I see the follow up Sig 1's use two 6Sn7's so that sound is probably different.

Maybe someone else could give comparisons of the sound between different versions.