Cary 300 integrated, Devore speakers


I'm searching for speakers for my Cary 300b integrated. The amp is rated 15w per channel, but I think the rating might be somewhat generous. Anyway, I'm wondering whether a speaker rated in the lower 90s, such as the Devore Super 8 at 90db, would be a good match. Any thoughts? Would appreciate any advice. 
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I ask about Devore in particular because I read that John Devore rates his speakers conservatively (in the sense that many other manufacturers inflate their sensitivity ratings). So, a John Devore rating of 90 might be more like 94 as commonly perceived with other speakers. Would you agree with that?  
It's possible that he rates his speakers conservatively, but the real advantage to Devore's speakers is the high and relatively flat impedance curve. In independent testing I've never seen his tower speakers perform higher than the rated sensitivity.

I own the Super 8's, love them, and I know my next speakers will be Devores.

Super 8's and his other Gibbons have about 90.5 - 92dB sens. All have a nominal impedance of 8 ohms and are easy to drive. The Orangutans have a high sensitivity rating and can be used with low-power amps.
I use a 30W Atma-sphere amp and it mates so well with Super 8's. Excellent control of the bass and plenty of power throughout dynamic peaks.

I don't know how your 15W amp would perform, plus you're using 300b power tubes. Does Devore list minimum power needed in the specs?

No, I've never seen the minimum power specs listed. I have a vague memory of once asking him but I think he said that he wasn't familiar enough with this amp. It's true you can't go by the numbers alone. I've heard many combinations that work just fine despite the numbers. And others that don't. I've read forum threads where people describe completely contradictory experiences. 

But I share your affinity for Devore. I first heard Devore around 2005 at my local dealer, a pair of Super 8 in fact. I became a devotee instantly. One of the brands I just swear by. 
With my 30W class A amp and the benign load of the Super 8's, it feels like I have a lot of reserve power. Your amp is Class A, probably with high current, you really need to find the recommended minimum power.
I've heard it's tough to reach John Devore, but I suggest you try. Also use Google, I'll research it as well.

Does your amp have 16ohm taps or 4, 8ohm?
The Cary has a 4/8 ohm switch.

I've researched the minimum power but haven't found it. If you come across any information. I'd appreciate it. It was several years ago at least that I wrote to John Devore. I'm sure he's much busier these days.