Cary 211 non Anniversary Edition opinions

what can anybody tell me about the older non-AE cary 211 amps? i haven't seen much in the way of older reviews and the specs look kinda odd to me. 90 watts class a, 250 watts class a/b? has anybody heard these amps. my current amps are cary slm-200 monos. the 211 AE is out of my budget, but i could probably pick up the older 211. any input would be greatly appreciated.
I heard the Cary 211 amps at CES last year. They are the best amps I have ever heard. It brought the music to life in a way that was like candy for my ears. At CES I considered them "best of show". They are amps I would/will love to own some day.

They have changed over time but I think you could send them in to Cary Audio and have them upgraded to the latest and greatest.