Cary 11a vs Anthem D2

I have a Cary 11a, but have been thinking about an Anthem D2 because it has functional ARC and is likely to be less buggy than the 11a. My main concern is the stereo sound of the D2. I know that of the 11a is excellent. Reviews of the 11a seem to go out of there way to praise it, not so reviews of the D2. Any of you had the opportunity to compare the sound of the two? I suppose one possibility is to buy a D2, compare it with the 11a in my system, then sell one. I think the used prices of an 11a and D2 are similar. I am aware the D2 will not process lossless codecs, but I assume my Oppo 93 can do that and send PCM to the D2.

The Cary 11a recognizes PCM output from an Oppo 93 as DSD, thus there is no bass management. Does the D2 have a similar problem?

I had the Cary went to the d2. Sound was a tad better out of the Cary but I could balance the d2 to my room better. Also the d2 didn't have all the issues, bugs the Cary had and they never fixed. Also as a bonus the video processing in the d2 is terrific. It is a much better piece.
"The Cary 11a recognizes PCM output from an Oppo 93 as DSD, thus there is no bass management. Does the D2 have a similar problem?"
I have not found any device other than the Cary that does so.

If the inability to distinguish between DSD and LPCM from an Oppo 93/95 is not endemic because both are 88.2 kHz, I don't understand why Cary can't provide a fix. To quote an old calculus book, "What one fool can do, another fool can do."

My main issue with the cary is the sound would drop out and never come back on. I had ot for 16 monthes. Bought it new spent many hours puttin in patches and never got it fixed finally made them take it back. But for 16 months I had tv where I woudl reboot a processor several times a hour. There where also many other issues.
You have a lot of patience...but good on "them" for taking it back (cary? dealer?).
Really my dealer Audio Connection stood up for me and they took it back after many empty promises from Cary and a little annoyance on my part. Cary didn't want it back. Cary kept telling me they would fix it just wait another 2 months every time. The unit even went back to them and got replaced after they did some hardware changes to correct issues. But the new one was no better.

The problem you report is not endemic to the Cary 11a. I've never experienced it, and my 11a is used daily.

Some people have it some don't all depends on the source. Although other processors have similar issues my anthum d2v had a issue as well never had a issue with the denon or onkyo or yammaha's. Funny how the cheap stuff works. The west is just not good at that stuff.