cary 005 any news about it ?

I found in Cary's website the new flagship preamp, I guess it'll be very interesting to find out if it's better than the slp98 !
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yeah... I saw a picture of it on the net. Would also like to know more about it. I balked on a 98p due to no balanced outs. Loved the way it sounded but I have a lot of money tied up in my interconnects to buy a set of single ended and a new pre so I decided to wait.
I am waiting to buy a preamp and almost decided on SLP 2002.
Then I saw on cary's website that SLP 2002 was moved to "archeives". So I asked cary as to WHY? They said they were lounching new SLP 2005 at CES.
Since then , I am waiting for it to be offered.
John Rutan at Audio Connection says it will be arriving in April or so. And price will be about $ 7000. I have my doubts about so high a price. I hope the price is comparable to SLP 98P or SLP 2005.
Any one has idea as to price?
Dennis Had remarked that it would be $7,000, and that the external power supply seen in the photos (on their website) is only a prototype. The production power supply will be sized so that the main pre chasis can rest atop it.

In terms of sound quality, he stated that the balanced pre will be better, as should be expected for a pre in their lineup double the price.

I heard $8K. Way out out my price range, even used. I'm delighted w/my SLP 2002.
yet to come ?
I asked Gregg at Cary about SLP 05 . He says Cary will release it now in september 2005!
In a recent e-mail from Cary they quoted a price of $8500 for this pre-amp. I'm not sure if this price includes a phono-pre or not.
i believe cary no longer give prices directly to retail buyers. they insist on cotacting a cary dealer for pricing. i asked them for price but they refused twice.
I e-mailed them as mentioned above and they DID respond. This was probably around 8.8. It took a few days to get an answer. They may have changed their policy since then however.