Carver VS Adcom

Greetings , I need some opinions on amplification for my new Speakers, I have an Adcom GFA-555 II and a Carver A500X power amps.
My preamp is a Conrad Johnson PV-2AR, I recently aquired a pair of Canton Karat M70's Floor standing speakers.
I have been listening to a lot more Rock and roll and wanted more dynamics than what my Logan CLS panels could deliver.
The Carver was able to push the CLS better and its currently driving the Canton's, they are great sounding speakers but like most Canton's I've heard a little too bright I am wondering if the Adcom would do a better job now with these speakers since they require less current than the panels...
Also I am having a hard time thinking about selling the Logan they do Image amazingly...

any comments appreciated.
Why don't you consider selling both amps, and buying a better used amp with the proceeds?
Second Roxy's suggestion.
Hi , I have used the 555 for 20 years . I have also had a few Carver amps back in 80s . I personally would keep the Adcom . You can have it modded at a later time also. They sold a blue million of these for a reason , good luck .
I've used both, and we have actually sold both at the store I work for. I still have some Sunfire gear at home that I use every day in a 2nd system. I have always found the Carver equipment to be over rated power wise. The Adcom, just the opposite. That being said, I think you have some good advice above. Neither one is outstanding. If you sell both, you could buy something better, with little out of pocket.
Thank you all for your great responses,I Highly respect other members opinions here. with that being said , lets say I sell these 2 units and Magically end up with a budget of @ 900 dollars what would you guys reccomend as amp to match my gear?
Forte' 4a for $550. and change IF you can find one. Though i bet you would never think of one as it is a measley 50 watts a side.
I have a friend who has one but wants nothing less than 800...
he also has a pair of Accusonic Monoblocks a little cheaper , anyone Familiar with them?
Since you have a CJ preamp I say for $900 go for a used McCormack DNA-1 stock or Deluxe.

Good luck in finding a Forte 4A especially around $550. They never show up here for sale.
Yeah, I have seen one pair of Forte' 7 monoblocks here in all the years.. one pair. i sold my Forte' 4a for $500 something this year. but it was a direct offer to another gal over on AA. (keepin' it 'in the family' sort of.)