Carver Vs. Adcom

Was wondering what opinions were on Carver vs. Adcom amps. I am planning to use either a GFA 555 or Carver TFM-35 to power Dahlquist 28s. Can't afford both amps right now, but would like one or the other.

Also, would it be true if one were to consider Adcom and Carver near the top end of the Mid-Fi class of amps?

Thanks all...
I have owned both of these amps, and preferred the sound quality of the Adcom. However, if I were to advise you, I'd suggest you try to find a used Adcom 5500, as the 555 is a much older design from the late 1980's.
Stay away from the Carver amps. The Adcom is significantly better. The 5500 is the way to go.
I have a adcom GFA 5802 300 Watt Power Amp. a GPF 750 Pre Amp. Running a pair of SAlk HT3 Veracity's and they are a match made for each other.
i also owned both amp's in question,carver amp's are a total mess & are by far the worst ive ever owned.
Have heard many Carver and Adcoms, and curently use a GFA6000 in my HT system. Sounds very good, and has not missed a day's service. Consider this a strong vote for Adcom, of the two.

There are other good mid-priced amps worth considering.
For under $ 500, I occasionally see some interesting gear on the Gon. Like, say Hafler, or Parasound, for example.
Occasionally even a Bryston or Threshold rears its head at a good price. Sadly, you can kiss off any chance of a used Rowland or Sim Audio Moon in that range, but you never know...

I have 3 of the Carver TFM-35 amps and have never had a problem with them. I also have had 3 Adcom amps,GFA-6000,GFA-7000,GFA-5500 also a Parasound HCA-3500 and never like them as they seemed to be a little dry sounding. The Carvers may not be as detailed as some amps but you can listen to them all day. Plus they are very dynamic as they do not limit current or voltage and run cool.
However if you can get one the Adcom GFA-5802 they are very also.
Good Luck!!!
If you can afford $1200, get a used pair of Carver Silver 9t monoblocks.....900 wpc @ 4 ohms and can drive low impedances.
Thanks for you responses guys/gals.