Carver Vacumn tube preamp questions

Who can shed some light on this preamp that Bob Carver designed with 6DJ8 tubes? Which tubes would make it sound best? Was the phono section in it built/designed well?


I have one of these preamps and I use it as a backup. Sometimes I connect it to my main preamp just to use the phono section when I'm between purchases for a phono preamp. I have neve changed the tubes in it and I'm not the original owner. The phono section sounds pretty good.

It is the main preamp in my bedroom system with a Sunfire Signature amp and a pair of Infinity Kappa 200 speakers...after it gets warmed up for a few hours, it sounds really nice. Get yourself a nice cd player and some decent cabling and you'll have yourself something nice. They usually sell for around $500 used. I'm never selling mine.