carver tfm15cb light bulbs

got 2 of these from a friend and they work great need to replace bulbs ,there out.where can i get them from and has any one done it before
ive said it before & i'll say it again,STAY AWAY FROM HIFI REPAIR SHOPS FOR BULB REPLACEMENT.

look in your phone book for tv repair shops & take the unit to them,for a mcintosh amplifier with many bulbs inside its around $20 for total replacement & is usually done while you wait,try getting service like that from a hifi repair man let alone at that price.

tv repair shops stock the same bulbs as hifi shops & the service & price blows away any hifi shop.
I had this problem back in 2000 and I found a carver repair center called Everett Audio Repair ,email: or tel#425-339-8404. I ordered 2 bulbs and installed them myself as I am a technician .You may also try
I hope that this has been helpful.