Carver TFM 35 popping sound at high volume need help

Hello everyone I have a carver TFM 35 with a pair Infinity RS6 just the other day I played it at high volume when the bass hit a popping sound can be heard every so often. It works fine at lower volume is it possible i need to recap this thing? any help is appreciated and thanks in advance.
This is a question for the DIY audio forum, or similar.

But, the carvers can have problems with their dual rail thing going on, ie higher voltage rail capacitors needing to be replaced.

Pretty good odds it needs a recap if it has never been touched and the recommendation is that you might want to look into the service issues you are facing as soon as possible. That you have been given a kindly bit of notice, via the popping... that the amplifier is on it's way out and that it could cascade to being catastrophic instead of a simple recapping.
Hey thanks for responding and sorry if I posted in the wrong place. So we can eliminate the speakers pointing to the amp thats the problem?
Either caps are going bad or another electrical issue, or the woofer is bottoming out against the voice coil.

Infinity RS6? That's a pretty old speaker, but also a true little RS speaker.
What's the wattage on those, 75-100 NEW.. Single bass driver, your hitting the bottom, I bet. I upgraded quite a few Infinity RSs  The RS2B, 3Bs, 4B, and 6Bs..

The upgrade I did was change the speaker clip style pocket post to 5 way.

Swap the bass wire to #10 or 12 good copper.

Swap the bass drivers with PE RS HO series drivers.

From good to just wonderful.. You just have to open the hole up a little bit... No more bass issues. Fast and tight...

You can go up another notch by pulling  Infinity's stuffing and get REALLY large strand fiberglass and black hole the cabinet. 250.00 or so for everything..The XOs are pretty good, polys they use, last a long time..

There is no parts you can't find for those speakers, good speakers..

They can compete with a lot of today's speakers, for pennies on their dollars.. 

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