Carver TFM-35 or upgrade to Sunfire amp?

I have a pair of Carver TFM-35 amps and was thinking of upgrading to the Sunfire amps. Has anyone compared the two amps?. Since these are both designed by Bob Carver will they sound the same?
I am running an all Carver system with a C-19 pre-amp and a SDA-490t cd player. The speakers are Paradigm Studio Monitors.

I owned the Carver 35 driving Paradigm Studio 100s and although it was a solid amp, it really was not the best in terms of detail and not the last word in terms of being musical. I went to a pair of Marantz MA500 monoblocks which were much better that the 35 and they cost less. I'm sure an upgrade would be a step up in quality for you, although I haven't heard the new Sunfire line.
I sold a pair of TFM-25 amps to upgrade to the Sunfire series I stereo amp. IMO it is much better quality and seems to have much more power reserve than the Carvers even though it is rated 50 watts less than my pair of TFM-25's. (at 8 ohms) As far as the sound...I listen to mostly rock so my ears aren't all that sensitive but I love the Sunfire sound. There is also options for current or voltage source so you can have a tube like sound if thats what you are looking for.
I bought the TFM-35 power amp off a budy who was silly enough to let it go. Let me say this thing is built like a tank, it's big and brute and up to what ever you want to throw into it's inputs. Every amp or receiver that I have owned I have been able to get hot, and even push a few into thermal protection - this thing won't even get warm! I'm pushing and early Bose Acoustimass system with it. I've also teamed the TFM up with a Carver HR-742, using it as a preamp. My Monster power line conditioner is still in storage ( Just got back from a WESTPAC) and this system still sounds great, although I do encounter some buzz from what I think is a dirty AC line, of course. Anyhow, my opinion of the TFM is solid, it's BRUTE, sounds great and the VUs are fun to watch :) hit me back at if you want pics, or any other info about this beast. Bottom line: I love it.