Carver Silver Edition Speakers,Any upgrades

I owen a pr. of the beatiful speakers (black) and wonder if there are any way to improve the sound with upgrades or mods. Would changing the drive or crossover improve the sound , if so what drives would I need or what ribbon tweater or what crossover. Can one of the woofers be change to a mid range drive? I do not have the boxes for shipping so I would have to do the work. There is no problem with them , I am just looking to improve the sound, if it can be done.Has anyone try and thing?

Upgrading the caps and resistors would be a good idea if you want to stay with the original crossover, However, some folks like to use an external crossover. Whatever your choice, upgrading the chassis wire and binding posts are a must do. There was an upgraded 48" ribbon available at one time, but I'm not sure if it still is. The woofers, leave them alone. I don't know what you're using for power, but they do benefit from tons of good clean power.

You might want to check out for more info.
Thanks Merganser , I see there is alot of info here on caps, resistors and wire. I will check out Carver. I have a Passlabs X250.
These babies require ALOT of power for them to sound their best. I recommend at LEAST 400 watts a side. I used to own a pair and 250 a side was not enough. i used to love to crank Dirty Diana by MJ. These babies go deep into the sub area 18hz. and would shake the windows in the house like an amplifier.

I upgraded all the capacitors and resistors on all five of my Klipsch speaker crossovers and it made the biggest difference. Everything was better and it was easy, quick and WAY cheaper than any IC, PC or SC.

I would totally endorse doing a complete swap of all your Carver speaker crossover capacitors and resistors, you will not be dissapointed.

You don't need to ship your speakers, just pull out the terminal cup (that's probably where the speaker crossover is and that's it). If you're really interested in doing it, I can do the work for you. Email me and we'll talk about it, I can send you some pictures of my work.