Carver Silver 9T versus Carver Signature Amp

Has anyone heard both the original Carver Silver 9T and the Sunfire Signature Stereo Amp (not the Series II)?

I have a pair of Carver Amazing Platinums and I need a substantial amplifier to drive them.

Any comments are appreciated.
I owned a pair of Carver Silver 9t monoblocks....sold them and bought a Sunfire Signature. The Sunfire Signature was better all around, but it did not have the bass slam that the monoblocks had. So, I went out and bought two pair of the Silver 9t monoblocks and bi-amped my system. I kept the Sunfire Signature and I'm thinking of buying another one to try out the vertical bi-amp setup that I've heard about...

I'm running a pair of Infinity Kappa 9 speakers as my fronts, they dip down to amp-killing low impedances and are notorious power hogs.

One pair of 9t's or a single Sunfire Signature will do the trick.

To really make those speakers sing, you will probably need a couple of Sunfire Signature amps or two pair of Silver 9t's in some sort of bi-amp setup. While a single pair of 9t's or one Sunfire Signature was very good...the bi-amp setup was a whole new world.

check out my system under mitch4t

good luck.......mitch
I have owned the Silver 9t's and both Sunfire Signatures (I and II).

In my system, the 9t's were very musical and handled the complex load of an electrostatic full range (ML CLSIIz's) with no problem.

However, once I was able to borrow and live with a Sunfire Signature for a month and compare the two, the differences were very obvious. The 9t's did not have the lowest octave in bass, they were soft on the top end and they did not have the width and depth of the soundstage that the Sunfire had. I sold my 9t's and made a very handsome profit and purchased a Siggy.

A year ago, again I had the opportunity to compare the Sunfire Siggy to the Siggy II and again, no contest.
The Siggy II has the midrange and presentation of a huge tube amp. It easily bested the original Siggy.

I wholeheartedly recommend the Sunfire Siggy II (small chassis). It makes my CLS's sound like they are powered by VTL Wotans! Bob Carver is a truly gifted designer and it's high time that he was recognized as such.

I have toyed with getting another Siggy II on loan and trying out running two if them in mono, but have not done that yet. Probably overkill, but still worth a try for the additional headroom you gain in power. The CLS's are airly hungry beasts on dynamic material.

So, to boil it down I would say, skip the "nice sounding" 9t's and go for the real thing. There is no amp that can touch the Siggy II without spending 20-$30k more.

For your reference my system consists of:

Melos 333 Music Director Preamp (3 chassis)

Sunfire Signature Series II (architect small chassis)

Marth Logan 25th Anniversary CLS II z's

VPI TNT V/Technics EPA 500 tonearm/ Benz Micro Reference Cartridge

Sony SCD-1 (modified) SACD Player

Pure Note Cerulean Speaker cables
Audiodyne Silver Reference interconnects
I would agree with most of Raygunn's observations pertaining to the original Sunfire's vs the second generation units. His experiences are consistent with my comments as listed in the other Sunfire thread that is currently in rotation. In terms of sonics rather than sheer power output / dynamic headroom, there are several other amps that i prefer over the Sunfire's ( even after modifications ). Then again and just as that statement clarifies, that is MY personal preference : ) Sean