Carver ribbons

Can anyone explain the polarity of the speaker terminal connections on Carver ribbon drivers? There is a printed circuit board at the end of the foil ribbons, but no designation that I can see for the positive terminal. Thanks,
viewing the ribbon from the rear, so that the small circuit board traces can be seen, the positive connection solders to the lower right corner of the board. the ground solder point is left of center of the circuit board an up about 1/2inch from the bottom edge.
Hi, I saw your post about Carver ribbons and wanted to respond. If you have any questions you can get info by e-mailing to - He is very knowledgeable about them and is also the only Carver authorized person in the U.S.(world?) to repair the ribbons. I talked with him by phone for an hour one day about repairing my ribbons. He is very friendly and will answer all of your questions. Hope this info. is helpful. Brent Busch
Hi everybody, by chance found an excellent UK site (on Earth!) for Ribbon tweeters. Check out I will certainly try to build a ribbon based speaker sys when my current speaker fails. I believe ribbons give excellent hf extension so important for next generation CD playback systems. But Dawson's price is rather steep for complete ribbon drivers, however his repair kits are quite sensible. Regards. Phil.