Carver panels

I need dimensions and construction details for building a pair of Carver Amazing Loudspeaker Platinum Edition Mk. IV, including the front and back driver box covers. I have a pair of the 60" ribbons and TEN 12" T-style woofers. I will increase the height of the baffle to about 84" and the bottom width to 36" to accomodate the extra woofer/sidde. What I need are the location of where to place the cutouts for the woofers and drivers. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Maxwell, if you can hold on a few days I will be happy to get the measurements of of my Carver's for you. Mine are not Platinums, they are the original series. They used to have 2 30" ribbons but have been update to the 60" ribbons. As far as I know the panels are the same size. Please write to me at My speakers are in storage at the present time or I would get you the measurements immediately.
Hello,If you need the x-over component diagram i could send you a copy. Also the Platinum only used 4 woofers per side. The panels are 27"wide at the top,34.5"wide at the bottom,66"high and a little over 1" thick. Ribbon cutout is 2"from the straight side and 2.5" down from the top. Woofers are 3" from the ribbon and start 6.5" down from the top.My e-mail address is if you would like the x-over info send me your home address and i'll send you a copy. Good luck;Bob