Carver M500 Meter Issue

Several years back, some idiot who thinks he's an electrician as well as an audiophile (me) got inside my trusty Carver M500 amp. I farted around with the meters somehow, and they're different now. Now that I'm waaay more intelligent, I'd like to get in there, and true them up. Anyone know how?
Dont let yourself back in there,find a tech....course if your waaay more intelligent you know that.If your just more intelligent then by all means try it again.Was this a hypothetical question?Did I answer it?Is there an answer you would like to hear?Maybe they weren't true to begin with?Good luck,bob
Sorry about the late response. The remnants of a hurricane blew through here, and my internet connection was down for a week! Anyway, I've decided to either leave it alone (the amp still sounds great after 25 years), or let the pros do it. Electrocution just isn't in my schedule...