Carver M-500t Reconditioning

My mid-80's Carver M-500t amplifier is in need of reconditioning and I was curious as to whether anyone has any recommnedations as to whom does this type of work. So far I have contacted:

1. Carver MKII mods
2. Rita's Vintage Audio
3. Carver Audio Repair

They all seem pretty reasonable - but I have no context by which to judge their work or make a decision.

The expert help of the Forum would be greatly appreciated!

Carver has all the parts to restore. I just spoke with Rita a few hours ago regarding a c-9. Good luck.
Call Ben at (216)322-0443 I forgot the name of his business. He has positive feedback on fleebay. He upgraded my Anthem power amp for me. Although his specialty is Carver, Pioneer, Sansui and other vintage gear.