Carver LightStar Reference

I have the chance to this 300wpc amp at a very reasonable price. Does anyone have any thoughts on this unit? Good or bad. How did you like the performance? I appreciate all comments. Thanks
While i have never heard this unit myself, it is supposedly an earlier and slightly better sounding version of the Sunfire 300. If you can get it for a "steal", i'm sure that it would not be something that would cause you any displeasure in the least. Sean
Gekko, if the price you would pay is indeed reasonable, I recommend buying the amp. I used to sell these. I was impressed, and that speaks volumes coming from one of this site's tubeophiles. As it stands, I wouldn't be opposed to having one now. I could use it as a subwoofer amp if I didn't use it full range. It's greatest abilities are doing what solid state should do. Providing lots of clean power, the ability to deliver big time current into low impedences, and to take total control over a woofer. As a real world example, in driving a demanding load, the PSB Gold i, it was the only amp I came across that would make that speaker come to life. Not a Sony, the big Adcoms, or even the McCormack amps. Nothing woke the Golds up other than the LightStar. Sound is pure, clean, and crystalline. Not my first choice in an amp(I prefer tubes), but good. If you listen to mostly rock, this is an amp that should make you happy. From what I have seen of them in the field, they are bulletproof. Service shouldn't be difficult, as I think Bob Carver would support them. From the information that was coming down as Carver folded(I left about the same time), and Sunfire remained, the amp is supposedly the same as the Sunfire. In a different set of clothes.
I just spoke to Sunfire regarding some other matters and asked about this amp. The Lightstar was built by Carver Corp AFTER Bob had sold the company and started Sunfire. They basically worked off of his early design notes for the Sunfire amps that he was working on and came out with the LightStar. As such, i was told that it is VERY close to the Sunfire but is voiced slightly differently due to having two "different" companies building them. Whereas the Sunfire's were voiced by Bob to sound a little "airier" and "smooth", the LightStar is supposedly a little more neutral. While i didn't ask about Sunfire servicing these amps, i got the impression that there would be no problem with that whatsoever. By all accounts of what i've been told and been able to find out, this should be a "kick ass" amplifier for a reasonable amount of money. Hope this helps... Sean
Very diligent followup, Sean. Thank you. I agree, the sound is more neutral than Sunfire in my experience. Clean, and crystalline. I really think you would be impressed by one of the amps in action, Sean. Awe inspiring at times. This amp really puts out.
Thanks for all the info guys!! I appreciate it greatly. I did buy the amp ($850). It looks as clean as could be. It weighs a ton!!! The store where I bought it had it hooked up to a pair of Aerial loudspeakers and the sound was absolutely amazing. One of the best presentations I have ever heard. They have another LightStar for sale that I am seriously considering getting to biamp my speakers, power some subs, or jump start my car!! I have used Sunfire before and their build quality (to me) doesn't even come close to this beast. I am a happy buyer right now. I hope I never have to contact Bob Carver about service but MUCH THANKS for doing homework on the situation for me fellas!!! Take Care ~GEKKO~
WOW !!!! That was a GREAT price. I wish i could use a "little" amp like that : ) Best wishes and good listening... Sean