Carver Lightstar Direct Passive Vs Adcom GFP-750

Has anyone heard these two passive preamps and if so which is the sonically better? The Adcom is a Nelson Pass design. Thanks
I had a placette passive and the adcom GFP-750, and the Placette was much more transparent and the volume control wasn't noisy like the Adcom. I was very disappointed by the GFP-750 with all the incredible reviews, including one of my best audio buds.. but my system was more revealing that his.. (Wilson Watt Puppy 7's, Lamm M1.1's, etc then)

The Placette Active preamp was crazy good!

As with all passive preamps your dynamics are a fuction of your source components. So make sure your sources output 2volts or more or your amp is more sensitive on the input.