Carver CT 7 - Where are all the used ones?


I bought a Carver CT Seven preamp/tuner a while ago. My wife couldn't stand the TV commentary on NFL, so we had to buy a 'radio' right away! (gave me an excuse to splurge a little).
Anyway, I'm considering selling it and have searched ebay/audiogon to try and get an idea what it might be worth. Surprisingly, in the month or two that I've been looking, I haven't seen this model listed.

Does anyone have any idea why?

I see all the other 'sonic holography' models but never the CT 7.

Would be interested to find out why, and also it's worth. I figured around $200 ish?

If you use the refine search feature and search completed items, you'll find one that ended last week with buy it now at $185. Advertised as flawless and in excellent cosmetic condition. Your guess looks good. When were they made/sold?
Hi. I just bought one of these used in excellent condition not quite a month ago. We both have the same questions and my research has yielded the same results. I can say the build quality is fine as well as the layout of the controls. I haven't had much time to give it a long evaluation on its sonic qualities, seems someone's always doing or watching something, but there is nothing about it that I find irritating so far. I ordered a manual for it just a couple of days ago to fully appreciate some of the features. Since I had just got a Carver PM-700 for a steal ($190 including shipping) and a pair of JBL L5'S ($125), I couldn't resist buying the CT-7 to have a matched set. I have them driving those JBL's and for the $501 I paid for the trio, I doubt I could do much better with spending double the money.