Carver CT-7 as a turntable preamp with a receiver

I think I have a simple question. I just bought a Rega RP1. I may hook it up to my old Hafler amp via my old CT-7 and I know how to do that. However, if I hook it up to my Pioneer Receiver, which does not have a phono line in, I guess there are several possibilities. I hook up the Rega using the phono inputs on the Carver CT-7. Then I either:
1. Connect the CT-7 preamp RCA outs to one of the rcvr CD inputs. Then I have two volume controls in serial - makes me nervous!
2. I run the CT-7 tape 1 RCA outs to one of the rcvr CD inputs.
#2 seems best, but is there a better way? Appreciate any and all advice. I am not buying a separate phono preamp at this time, as I think the Carver's phono stage is pretty good and I want to give it a try first.
I did a similar configuration. I ran my TT to a NAD preamp then out of the preamp to a Jolida integrated amp that had only line level input. (The NAD preamp volume pot is always at the 12:00 position.) While not the optimal setup, it sounds MUCH better than most would imagine.
Tape out would be preferable as this would bypass the volume control in the Carver
Roscociii is correct, using the tape loop is preferable. I used to the pre out jacks because there was a large discrepancy between the preamp output and the other line level inputs. (Hopefully, you will able to use the tape option.)