Carver Crimson 275 tube amp

I have searched for owners' impressions of this amp, but have found none.  I have never owned a Carver component, but have always admired his genius.  I would like to pair a tube amp with my Spatial Audio M3 Triode Masters and recently heard Don Sachs Kootenay KT88 amp, along his bespoke preamp, and was extremely impressed.  Compared to my Platinum-upgraded McCormack DNA .05 ss amp, the sound was even more fleshed out and 3-dimensional.  The SQ difference was far from subtle... and I loved it.   

I was clear with Jim Clark when I ordered the amp that the comparison of the Crimson 275 would be to the Kootenay so if I don't think it is the equal of it, I will return it.  Stay tuned for my listening impressions in a couple of weeks.  

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