Carver Corp

Can anyone help me with the telephone number for Carver Corp in the USA. All the numbers I have don't work, the numbers provided by Audiogon don't work and their home page doesn't work either! Have they gone to the wall since Bob has left? I need to ask them for some spare parts for one of my power amps (and a few other things). I have delt with them in the past - good service.
Check out Devine's response to the topic "carver cd player" (in short, the answer is "yes"). --Good luck!
I talked to my local Carver dealer who talked to Bob at the Winter CES. In case you didn't know, Bob hasn't been associated with Carver for a few years. Bob has recently bought the company back, however, and is cleaning house. He shut everything down for a few months to get things organized. Try contacting Sunfire, as Carver will be their subsidiary (or so I've heard).
Your best bet would be to contact Sunfire. You can find the ph number in the AudiogoN mfr directory. Carver corp will probably return very soon.