Carver Amazing Ribbons

I have a pair of Carver Amazings - Silver Edition. Ribbons are 48".
1 of the ribbons has no output whatsoever. I have removed it from the frame and cut the leads at the bottom. Feeding a signal directly  to the leads (or where they attach to the small board) gives no results.
Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
Attach an ohm meter or any means of showing continuity to those leads.  A light bulb and a battery will do.  No reading = a break in the ribbon at some point.

Beyond that, you will need professional help.  Good luck. 
Here is how I repaired a Carver Amazing Speaker:

You need a multi-meter, some scotch tape, and some aluminum foil.
The multi-meter was used on a setting that made a sound (tone) when the leads were shorted together. I used one lead with an alligator clip so I could have both hands free. I attached the alligator clip lead of the multi-meter to one end of the bad ribbon.  

On the back side of the ribbon I carefully used the other lead of the multi-meter to make contact with the ribbon. Tone from the multi-meter means the ribbon is good up to that point. 

I continued moving from the alligator clip to the other end of the ribbon. Once I found the break in the ribbon, indicated by no tone from the multi-meter, I bridged the gap with a small strip of aluminum foil.   

Clip....................  ...............   
the gap is the break preventing the ribbon from working 

bridge the gap with aluminum foil 

I took a very small strip of aluminum and a slightly larger piece of scotch tape and carefully applied it to where the break was. I used a pencil eraser to make sure I had good contact with the ribbon.  

I only found one bad spot in my ribbon. The speaker has been playing that way for years. The idea came from an emergency repair we used to do on glass auto fuses. If the inside conductor broke, covering the fuse with tin foil got you home or to a gas station to get a replacement fuse or repair the car properly. 

I hope this makes sense and I am sure I will get some criticism, but it I was able to keep a 30 year old speaker playing for a few more years. If this does not make sense send me a private message and we can talk over the phone.