Carver Amazing Platinum

Hello, I recently purchased a pair of preowned Carver Amazing MkIV platinum loudspeakersand have a couple questions.

1) Does anyone know what the impeadance is for these?

I know the 60in ribbon is 4 ohms. I thought I read somewhere that the woofers were 16 ohms each. Wired in parallel that would be 4 ohms for all four. I'm not positive about the woofer impeadance though since I'm recalling this from memory.

2) Do I need to know anything special to bi-wire these speakers?

These speakers have a control panel for the hi and low freq
responce and for the Q damping. I haven't pulled the controls out of the unit or anything yet. I don't imagine this is anything difficult to do however it doesn't hurt to ask if I should be aware of anything.

I tried calling Carver(Sunfire) with these questions and was
refered to a guy in Fl. However he only repairs the ribbon

Thanks but this is the guy, Dave, in Florida I talked to that repairs the ribbons.

Go to the site listed below - the webmaster there owns these and would probably be able to tell you what the specs are -
I have two options before me to bi-wire bi-amp these speakers.

1) Rewire the crossover and add binding posts

2) Use an active 2 way crossover between the preamp and the amps.

I'm thinking the active is a better way to go since the amp only reproduces hi's or lows on any particular channel. Or does it really make any difference?

Any opinions?

Also I am not really up to speed on active corssovers. What do you think about the Rane Mojo MX-22 crossover?
The guy you need to contact is Fernando Mac. He rebuilds these speakers and supplied new drivers to Genesis Tech.
They used the same drivers in some of their speakers.

Sometimes you will see Fernando selling the Carver Amazing Loudspeaker on ebay.

Call Sunfire back and ask them to give you Fernando's number.
Thanks, I didn't know that.

I received an email fom him the other day stating He sells a kit to bi-wire the speakers and he gave me his number. I left a voice mail for him yesterday to call me.