Carver Amazing or Magnepan?

Hello, I am going to be purchasing some new speakers in the next few months and would like some suggestions. I was thinking about some Carver Amazing original or Platinum Mark IV. Either those or some Magnepan MMG's with a Sunfire subwoofer or two. I usually listen to hard rock/heavy metal 20% of the time, soft(er) rock 15%, radio 10%, classical 10-15% and the rest of the time is for home theater. Right now I have a decent Marantz HT reciever, a cheap Kenwood 200 disc changer and an original Sunfire stereo amp. The speakers I am using now are some cheap Cerwin Vega's. My next purchase will be a Sunfire Ultimate reciever after I get some decent speakers. I have never used or even really heard planar speakers before. My budget is about $1500. I was thinking about the Maggie's because of the reasonable cost and I could add a sub(s) if I thought I needed it later. If I did go this route, which Sunfire sub would you reccomend? My two concerns about going this way: I don't know if I will like the planar sound (but my ears aren't very sensitive anyway) and I am kind of worried about blowing the Maggie's up with 600 wpc. For some reason there is no rating on Magnepan's site. Also, is it hard to sync subs with planars? I have never needed a sub before. Now the Carvers...main concern...service. I don't want to have to send them out all the time and pay 100's of dollars to have them repaired. I realize this could be an issue with the Maggie's later but that is later. And to anyone who would reccomend the Carvers...should I get the original of Platinum? I know the originals are 4 ohm so I would have 600 wpc going to them and I'm not sure what the Platinums are. My room is about 15' X 15' X 8' Replies are much appreciated! Thanks!
suggest you get a planer speaker audition somewhere should be easy to locate a magnepan dealer. People either love or hate planer's. pay particular attention to the bass punch and dynamics or lack thereof use something very heavy should demonstrate the problems quickly.
For rock music, hard or soft, a cheap Cerwin Vega is hard to beat!
I've owned all the speakers you mentioned. If like bass with your music you will need even more power than your Sunfire amp can put out when using the original Carvers. The IV version was better but not much. The current Magnepans are much better in the bass and integrate with the ribbon better than the Carvers ever did. I would go with the Magnepan 1.6 which you can find used within your budget. Also a very good all around performer is the Vandersteen 2ce signature. I owned a pair of the 2ci version for a while. Overall, I would recommend the Magnepan or the Vandersteen which are still currently available and have received excellent reviews. The Sunfire amp would be fine with either of those speakers.
Mejames, yes I think I will do that. I will have to drive a couple hours to a Magnepan dealer but it will be worth it.

Eldartford, yes the cv's have served me well but it's time to upgrade :)

Sbayne, so you don't think I would need a sub for the 1.6? That's mostly the reason I was leaning toward the MMG so I would have money to buy a sub. I guess I need to take a trip and listen to them. The Vandersteen's look intriging(sp?) as well. Thanks all!
I recently heard the MMGs,very nice.Would recommend them over the Carvers.How about an 8" Velodyne sub to mate with the MMGs?The MMGs will need to be 3-5 feet out from your back wall for best transparency.
Yes I was thinking about a Sunfire sub. I just love Bob Carver's innovative designs. Haven't looked into the Velodyne but I will. So nobody thinks the 600 wpc would be too much for the MMG's? BTW Tpsonic, those are some nice and crazy looking speakers.
Audiophile73,thanks for the speaker compliment.I would advise being very careful at high listening levels.600w can be generated several ways.Does the receiver state maximum current and voltage delivery?Is it possible to run your main speakers off the Sunfire?
In the manual it says: max output current 180 amperes peak to peak, max output voltage 52 volts rms, minimum output at 4 ohms 49 vrms (volts) and 12.25 irms (amps). It also had current and voltage source outputs and balanced and unbalanced outputs. Here's a link to some info...check out the link at the bottom it's an interesting read.
I use a Innersound esl amp with my magnepan 1.6's which puts out 600w into 4 ohms and sounds good with no problems. The Sunfire amp would work fine with the magnepans.Has anyone heard the new Strata5 or Stampede subs from REL? The reviews have been very favorable for them and the new models now include remote control from the listening position and a blue display on the front panel. I'm considering using either one of these subs and/or using Mye stands. Any thoughts?
A 600 watt amp (CarverPro ZR1600) is great for my MG1.6, and they are only running 80 Hz and up.
How about getting the best of all worlds and get a pair of used Apogees with the new Ice module digital amps like Henry Ho's H2O amp?