Carver Amazing Line Source Speakers

Since I now own the Carver Raven 350 amps, I have become very interested in the Carver Amazing Line Source speakers. But I have not been able to actually hear them.
Can anyone who has heard them comment as to the sound quality?

Thank you
I heard them at the RMAF in the Bob Carver room.  They were driven by his 350 tube monoblocks and the sound was very full and engaging..  I really wasn't paying too much attention to the sound as I was busy talking with Bob about life and things.  However, what I did hear was really good sound.

Thank you for that info. I appreciate it.
There was a review in 2015 in Absolute Sound that really praised the speakers but not much since then.


@ozzy ,

I heard them at CAF. Bob had huge room. It was a big sound but overall I wasn’t impressed or just did not appeal to me. I didn’t hang out in there too long so maybe I didnt hear a real quality recording.
Thanks lancelock

Could you describe the sound a little more? Was the soundstage tilted up or too thin sounding?

@ozzy  I believe there was some positive show coverage from  the recent Axpona (going off memory, so I may be wrong). Here is a video:

Thanks I'll check out that video.

I heard I heard them at RMAF and was very impressed! They compared to the plus 50-100k speakers in some other rooms. I love a large room filling sound, and these do it. I would get them, but I already have large room filling sounding speakers.

Interesting I wish I could hear them. Thanks.


I would say a little thin but this was in a cavernous, mostly empty room with terrible slap echo so perhaps an accurate impression would be had in a more friendly space.
If your going to spend 20K for speakers...........Spend 500.00 and fly to hear for your self........... What you like may differ from reviews ........

You know that's a good idea. Perhaps I will do that.

If you are very serious, Carver will pay for your flight and hotel stay. This is true, as they would rather have you hear them properly set up instead of at some dealership where they only hope they’re correct. Instead of selling them for less to a dealer, they would rather pay for your travel. You only need to agree that you are ready to buy if you like them. No tire kicking.
I heard them at RMAF last year and wasn't expecting much since the room was very small.  Contrary to my expectations, they sounded amazing.  If I were to start my system over, I'd strongly consider getting them over my Magnepan 3.7i's.
Hi guys,
No commercial blather here bragging about performance (I'm Frank Malitz, partner and CEO of the Bob Carver Corp). Never believe anyone; listen for yourself.

Instead, I have a few comments about the shows we attend and our unusual policies. Also, just a little note to let you know that we do have a small but growing dealer network but yes, we will pay for a qualified individual to visit my home in Chicago or to our facility in Washington state for a relaxed, extended and fun-filled listening session. Simply call me at 847-668-4519. We don't bite and there's never any pressure. Call even if you need help with a defective product designed by Bob Carver of any of his past brands or models. It's our hobby too--just like you.

While all manufacturers believe in their product, we put our money where our mouths are--tube warranties from five years on our new entry-level power amp to 15 years on our mid-priced amps to lifetime on our biggest monoblocs along with free trips to prove our mettle! As you know, other fine tube-amp manufacturers warrant their tubes for a mere three months! I believe Prima Luna gives six months due to their innovative circuitry. Still, five years on our $2500 tube amp, including tubes? Not too shabby. Never re-tube again!
In case you didn't notice, we do not use any room treatment at any demo despite having 36-drivers pointing the wrong way! We also do not use MQA, Hi-Res, SACD or any after-market or digital room correction. We just want it to sound like it does in one's normal home listening to music you enjoy--no audiophile-only recordings.

We've exhibited in the smalllest rooms (2018 Axpona and RMAF) to huge grand ballrooms (Capital Audio Fest, NY show at the Park Lane or the giant double-room in Bangkok) but never complain or make excuses about acoustics. Again, we know we are all limited by our dwellings so why try to fool the public at HiFi shows?

I'll make no performance claims. That's for you to decide.

Peace and Harmony to all.
A little thin? If there's anything we're guilty of, it's too much low end, especially if Bob's there. He LOVES big bass. Fortunately,it's completely adjustable, of course.We're like kids with car audio. Can't help but kick a little ass. Please accept my apologies; a bit too much bottom, but thin? We're flat to the low '20s at very high levels.

The demos vary from cut to cut and we play about 60 selections to provide variety. Stick around next time and be sure to ask for an ass-kicking cut.

Sorry about the vulgarity but I'm from Chicago.
sweetness and quality of sound may turn into nightmare of maintenance of these amazing speakers. 

Thank you for your comments.


I'm not sure I follow your comments.

To each his own, but my first experience with the Carver Line source was the recent axpona show.  Three of us listened to these in two different rooms.  We left each of the listening rooms smiling and agreeing the sound was very good if not the best we heard in our afternoon.
I don't claim to have another pair of $19,000 speakers to compare them to but listened to many more expensive speakers at the same show.  None made my want list.

Since that day my son now 29 keeps asking when I'm getting them.  Would really love to know how they would sound with the old Sunfire vs the current Thiel CS 3.6.
I'll keep dreaming.

Thank you for sharing that visit. 
Did you think the soundstage was set too high as some others have posted on other forums?


I really couldn't say that with the little time I listened jammed in a small hotel room with a lot going on.  I like the idea of the private listening session offered if your really serious.  You gotta love them to spend that kind of money.  

@ ozzy, Dude!, Frank just said  he would pay for your flight and stay to Chicago or Washington state to do demo, I would like you to do it,  and post here or email me about the sound and experience,  cheers 🍺🍹🍸🍷🥃
I've had a pair for 2 years, and can't listen to them enough.  My listening room is impossible - roughly 20 feet by 25 feet, but with six walls and 3 huge open arches, and a 14' ceiling. I've tried many speakers in this room, and finally decided that I needed line sources to fill this wheat field.  A visit to Bob in Washington convinced me that the speakers were great, but the question was whether they'd do the job in this room.  The answer is definitely yes, albeit supplemented by 2 SunFire Trios as well as 2 SunFire subwoofers.  So with 76 Bob Carver speakers firing out of a McIntosh 452, I couldn't be happier.  The last movement of the Mahler 10th literally shakes the walls, but string quartets and viola da gamba solos have loads of presence and resonance.
They are exactly what Bob promises them to be... AMAZING! I was at his home in Snohomish as these speakers were being designed, and got to hear the prototypes on my custom Carver Monoblocks. The sound was jaw dropping. 

There is a shop in Los Angeles that has a pair for demo. I was there when Bob came down to demo them, and everyone I talked to after the demo was as blown away as I was. I believe several pairs were sold that day.

And to top it all off, Bob is an absolute gentleman, and a man of integrity. Buy with confidence.
I heard them at the Chester Group Audio Show in NYC in November, 2016.  I was extremely impressed.  It was hard to find fault with them, although the demo was in a large room with a very high cieling.  I remember thinking that they would never fit in my room which has a very low cieling.  If you have some room for them to breath, I think they are worth a shot.  I can't tell you what you would hear if you listen to them, but I know I was really taken with them.  Very relaxed yet detailed sound, holographic soundstage, excellent transients with no glare or stridency.
chililine, nooshinjohn,  bondmanp,

Thank you for your comments. I did see one negative thread on another Forum saying that the Carvers image was at/near the ceiling. That's hard to believe, can anyone comment as to image height?

I didn’t have any issue with height at all.

Ozzy, I have heard the Carver ALS twice, and they are... well, amazing. They create a realistically-sized and enveloping soundstage, and image precisely within that environment.

I understand that comment about image height.  If you sit way too close to them, the image does travel upward.  (It's a bit of a no-brainer that you can't sit 3' away from a 7' tall line source and get a coherent image.)

That being said, you SHOULD hear them yourself

Full disclaimer:  I've known Frank Malitz for years.  (He helped me assemble my first high-end system. Thanks, Frank!)  I've also recently become acquainted with Bob Carver (who is warm & wonderful... and a genius!). 

But, Ozzy, if I didn't love what I heard, I'd just keep quiet.  The ALS is special!

These really did sound great at AXPONA. I enjoyed the listening session there. My only concern would be long term service. I have a pair of the old Carver Amazing Loudspeakers (which I really love) in my second system, and there is no factory/Carver-authorized service available for them any more. At least as of the last time I corresponded with Bob Carver, about a year ago.
contuzzi, aalinik,  arsh,

Thank you all for the comments. 
I would be sitting about 9 feet away, however, I could go back 3 feet more if necessary.

By the way, I did find a gent on eBay that reconditions the older Carver speakers.

Correction: I will be sitting 12 feet away and could extend that 3 feet more if necessary.

Ozzy, Are you considerig taking the invited trip for audition? 
Not at this time, too many thing's going on right now.


Please tell us what your powering with those 350's.  

Its a DIY of my own design, you can see them on my systems page.
Basically they contain the Arum Cantus G-1 Ribbon tweeter and a 7" ScanSpeak Revelator in a purchased high gloss highly braced sealed enclosure.
I created an external crossover box. In it I used top of the line Mundorf SGO classic caps, Jensen inductors and Path Audio resistors. The speakers are wired internally with Cerious Technologies wire.
I am also bi-amping at 80hz to (2) JL Audio F-113 subs.
They sound really good.

Ozzy, thanks for the tip!
chililine, contuzzi,

Or anyone, can you please tell me the exact height of the Carver line source speakers from floor to the top?

I have perhaps 91 1/2" from floor to ceiling.

According to the brochure I picked up at Axpona, it says height 89" (minimum ceiling height of 93" required for setup and assembly).


Thanks that is the amount it says on their website also under the specifications.
But Jordon from Carver says that is incorrect and they are more like 91 1/2" tall. Actually the review in Absolute Sound lists them as 92" tall.
With these dimensions it will be very tight with my ceiling.


If you have the height clearance to accept the speakers, getting them on their large base stands would be a challenge at best.

If you do decide you want them, maybe cutting out a couple of temporary holes in the ceiling could be a solution.

In any event, best of luck to you.

BTW, if you plan on auditioning them, bring a tape measure.


Well, I went ahead an ordered them.

1. My plan is.. to assemble them in a room that has 96+" in height. Then carry them into my audioroon horizontally.

In the center of my audioroom the ceiling is actually 92 1/2" tall. (Although the final placement will be in an area that is 91 1/2"+ tall. And I must add that it is very difficult to get an exact measurement of the height of the ceiling with a tape measure).

2. Lift them up at the 92 1/2" area and then slide them into the 91 1/2" area.

Bob Carver thinks that will work, Jordan from Carver is not sure.

So I would appreciate it if someone can measures their speakers and/or verify that my plan will work.

I would customarily think it very unusual, inexplicable and confounding that a manufacturer would not know something as simple and straightforward as the dimensions of his products but in the case of Bob Carver the founder of "Flame Linear" really nothing would too much surprise me he is a showman first and foremost and an expert one at that!
Yeah I am a little bedazzled too. The web site says 89" tall but I think that is without the base. It looks like there has been several iterations of base design.
I think (I hope) that they will fit within my dimensions.

Oh but his amps are so good. So I hope there is system synergy in the speakers.

 I personally think the man is a innovative genius and I really admire that. However, todays Carver Corporation is down to a few people. Each unit is built one at a time per order.


How long before you get them?

Well they probably won't be shipped until next week. So maybe a couple of weeks before I get them.

Good luck with them, I hope they are exactly what you are looking for.
Did you take them up on the invite?Don't tell me you didn't qualify as a possible purchaser :-)
Thanks , I hope so too.

No, I sorta got a demo pair that someone cancelled on. So I jumped at the chance. Normally they take a while to get
So, blind faith is all I got.

While we don't know each other, for a long time we have been interested in similar, if not the same hi-fi gear. I have heard the Carver speakers and if you like a large presentation, you're gonna love these. Did you get the subwoofer with them as well?

Carver say’s the Rosa Sub is no longer available. And it could be months before they decide on a replacement. Since I already own 2- JL Audio F-113 subs I can use those before they get the sub sorted out and with my DEQX preamp I can blend them with the mains quite nicely.
Boy am I trusting...