Carver ALS Speakers

Has anyone other than a paid reviewer heard these speakers?

Through the years Bob Carver has shown that he is quite innovative.

The problem I have is he abandons projects.

No one has heard these speakers yet?
I had a friend who had a pair of these in the early 90s. At the time, they were the best I'd heard (or that he had previously).  He later went to some Apogee panels, which I didn't think sounded nearly as good in his room.
What you heard in the early 90s were the Carver Amazing Ribbon speakers. These new ones under discussion are from his Bob Carver company (the one that makes his tube amps) and were introduced in the last year or two. They are called the Amazing Line Source speakers with a different form factor and topology.

I have not heard them yet, but TAS went ape over them.
Does he have regular dealers that carry them so you can hear a demo?

I don't think so, but Bob was very kind in offering me a demo at his place. I would love to go, but too many things going on right now. (Major house renovation).
I'm setting up distribution now. There are two dealers already and more coming on board as soon as we ramp up production. The first two batches are sold out. We finally start shipping in around a week or so. For a review, see Absolute Sound on line. For the incredible story, feel free to call me, Frank Malitz, at 847-668-4519. This could be the most important speaker since the original Quad.

What projects has he abandon? If I'm not mistaken he was forced to sell Sunfire yet he maintains affiliation with a company that maintains service for most every product he's ever produced. 

I may be one of the few who was very impressed by his taking up and proving his ability during the famed amplifier voicing challenge. Also, for someone his age to partner and produce affordable hand made in the USA high powered tube amplifiers with 2 ohm taps and these new speakers.