Carver 275 Crimson tube amp --- any feedback appreciated

I have a Platinum modified McCormack DNA .05 and a Pass Labs First Watt F5 with which I drive my Spatial Audio Hologram M4 Triode Master speakers.  I have sworn off tube amps in the past, but I am intrigued with this new amp from Bob Carver.  Wally Underwood as well as Jimclarkstereo in Illinois are now selling them for about $2500.  I have never doubted Bob Carver's audio engineering genius.  I would be keen to get a 75 wpc tube amp and the price seems very reasonable compared to similarly-powered tube amps.    

I would be interested to hear what you lads think of this new amp.  Thanks for any input you can provide.  
How does Carver 275 compare in SQ to McIntosh 275?  Anyone A/B'd them?

Just a coincidence with the naming I'm sure, haha
I'd be keen to hear that comparison myself.  I'd sure like to hear the Carver amp myself.  I got a Don Sachs Kootenai amp KT88 amp 6 months ago and I am overwhelmed with it.  Far and away the best tube amp I have ever in my system.  
Curious how in an all balanced system how the Carver 275 would work/sound if used XLR adaptors at the amp end? What are the downsides to this?
@gumbypimp ,

Your opinion on the Crimson 275 versus the Primaluna is very intriguing to me.  I'm so tempted to make the comparison as I have the HP Integrated.  I us Klipsch Forte IIIs. 

Can you tell us more about this comparison? If I made the switch I'd have to run my only preamp sitting around, a Schitt Freya.  

I'd love to do a shootout. 
The PL HP is a great amp, I will say stick with the EL34s, I Believe the amp is optimized for them and sound best with them, I tried KT 120s and went back to EL 34s, the PL does it all and very closely compares to the Crimson 275 but the the 275 just had a level of realism that is undeniable. Even my wife noticed it and she is not an audiophile. I can’t comment on the Schmitt Freya, my preference is tube preamps and my PL Preamp is a great match. On another note concerning your Forte IIIs don’t use the factory jumpers bi-wire them or upgrade your jumpers, I’ve bi-wired my Cornwall’s, it has a profound effect on performance.