Carts for Audio Technica AT1010 tonearm?

I lucked into a NOS/NIB AT 1010 tonearm, which was supposedly designed by Audio Technica and manufactured by Audiocraft (hat tip to Raul for the info!)

Can the people who have experience with this arm recommend suitable cartridges (mono/stereo/mm-mi or lomc) to mate with the arm? I'd much appreciate it!

Basic specs:

Effective length: 240mm
Overhang: 15mm
Mounting distance: 225mm
Effective mass: 16g
any wire suspended MM from Technics 100, 205 series, Audio Technica AT155LC, AT160ML, AT20SS, AT15SS, AT22, AT23, AT24, AT25, Astatic MF series. Other wire suspended MM carts with compliance of 12-18 cu.
AT OC-9 has been a good match for me with that arm.
Thanks, guys. Any opinions as for Garrott and Nagaoka carts? Also, for that matter, Denon 103...
I use it with a Reson Reca and heard it with a Signet 10 cart in other setup.
I like it a lot.