Cartrige for Scout w/jw9 on my system?

I just got into vinyl last year and am upgrading to a Scout for christmas. I need some cartridge recommendations please. Right now I've got the little Bellari vp129 phono stage which will be my next upgrade. I'm running a Mark Levinson #23 amp, Sonic Frontiers SFL1 pre. I mainly listen to rock and roll loud. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Will

A Sumiko Pearl or a Clearaudio Aurum Classic would be good (budget) choices with the Bellari. Wait until you upgrade the Bellari before going to a moving coil cartridge (even a high-output mc).
Hey Will, You didn't mention your budget. At the roughly $400 level, a Goldring 1042 does Rock n Roll extremely well. I used one on my Scout for a while before upgradeitis set in and enjoyed every minute of it. It excelled at rock music, great drive, pace, bass extension, & very decent soundstage, a real winner for the money.
The Dynavector 20X series works very well in that tonearm.
Benz and Dynavector make cartridges that mate well with the VPIs
Also the 10X5 is very dynamic, extended and puts up a big stage. I've heard some great things from a friend's VPI Scout. It was very receptive to tweaks, all the work of Igor at K-works, he has some great improvements and is super knowlegable. Best way to reach him is email: Enjoy!