Cartrige choice - Zyx or Ortofon or ???

My new arm should arrive before Christmas; a 12" Nottingham analogue Ace Anna. It will be mounted in a 401 in slate plinth.

At some stage I will be looking for a Cartridge and I have somewhat narrowed my choice to a Zyx R1000 Airy 3 or an Ortofon Jubilee. Both are available for a similar price.

Neutral and balanced is my preference. The phono stage is a Leema Agena.

I am happy to consider other choices too.
Dear Oldius: Why not the Ortofon newest Ana. Take a look:

Regards and enjoy the music,
That MC Anna will retail for over $7000.
Benz LPS I doubt if you can find better
Dear Pcosta: Expensive, then the Ana is the highest Ortofon cartridge price ever.

Btw, do you already heard it?

Regards and enjoy the music,

I was interested in it when it was shown earlier this year at the Munich show in May as a prototype, and it is finally available to buy. Way out of my price range. But I still have not heard it.

I do have an MC Windfeld coming.

The Caneza series is very good with different price points. Ortofon makes good stuff, that sound good and tracks well without getting too crazy as far as price is concerned.
"without getting too crazy as far as price is concerned."
I agree.
Until now. Nevertheless, their products are always very well made and seem to be totally from in-house, nothing farmed out or generic.