Cartridges: Kuzma CAR or Lyra on a 4-Point (11") arm

Hi there,
I have a Kuzma Stabi-M and 4-Point (11") first generation arm, and a CAR-40.
Used to own a Lyra Delos before upgrading to the CAR, and found that the CAR-40 has a more "grounded sound" while Lyra has a more "nimble & lithe" sound.  The CAR is a sturdier cartridge, as the Delos suspension did not last as long.  The Delos is still sitting in a drawer.

Looking to upgrade my 7 year old CAR-40 now.  New cartridge will be fitted on the said arm and turntable.
Considering CAR-50 and Lyra Etna Lambda.

What are your views and comments?  Thank you for your advice.

Sorry about my typing. Both wrists are in splints. Don't ask.
I wouldn't sell the EMT line short. I admit only having a Tsd-75, which retails down near $2K US... But it's performance on my Kuzma Ref 2/Ref 313 VTA is quite satisfying. I'm not suggesting there are any free rides here, but the upper tier EMT carts could be worth adding to your "should check out" list. 
Looking forward to the comparison. I am running a 4P with the CAR 50 on the Ref 2, but have not had the urge to try a different cartridge on that arm yet. 
I think the Lyra cartridges get a very bum rap with the folks who are saying they are lean...YES they are lean..IF they are not set up and loaded correctly! ( incorrect set up and loading is how a lot of folks have heard them...and jumped to their conclusion) Otherwise, that is not the case. The new angle technology seems to be highly sensitive to very accurate set up, get it wrong...or get the load incorrect- and all the naysayers are going to have a point. Get it right, and the ’leanness’ goes away and the cartridge is highly resolving across the entire frequency spectrum, IME.
I had a CAR50 on a 4P Ref2 and it didn’t do anything for me. Extremely well built cartridge with the utmost in clarity, quiet in the groove, but I felt it was boring.