cartridges for Thorens TD 147

I bought a td 147 a couple of weeks ago with a grado red cartridge and am loving it. I just won a spare tp-63 arm wand with a Shure V15 type II cartridge on an ebay auction. I was really just wanting to get a spare wand to make swapping out cartridges easy but the V15 type II came with it. Any recommendations on what cartridge would sing best with 60's-70's R&R on this non-modded table?

I wouldn't rule out the Shure cartridge..You can get a nice replacement stylus from Jico ( ) ..I use a Vintage Shure( M55E ) and I like it better than the Grado Gold on my Thorens TD160..
the sumiko blue point 2, the garrott k2, and the grado gold are all great...the at 150 may be the best of all.
The type ii doesn't seem to have as great a following as later iterations of the v15 but hopefully, it will sound better than the grado red that I am running. Does anyone know how the Grace f-9e might work with my table?
I received the tonearm wand with attached Shure V15 type ii yesterday so I went out and bought a geodisc protractor and proceeded to set my TT up with the new rig.

The stylus on the V15ii had a silver "shure" decal on top of a green plastic holder. From the photos I have seen on the internet, this does not appear to be the correct stylus for the v15ii. At any rate, I set the cartridge up on my TT and spun up a record. Yuck. Compared to my Grado, it produced a lot of pops and was not very sure footed in the grooves (it tended to bounce around a bit when lowered onto the record). I don't have a way to inspect the stylus tip but I am assuming it is bad. Oh well, at least I got a spare arm wand for mounting a new cartridge.
I just discovered that the stylus on my V15 is a N75-3 model that is used to play 78's. No wonder it didn't track very well it is supposed to be set up with a minimum tracking force of 3 grams and I was trying to play LP's @ 1 gram). I guess this cartridge and stylus are destined to go on ebay 'cause I don't play 78's.