Cartridges for Mayware Mk IV Tonearms

I am finally going to set up and use the Luxman PD-444 table I purchased about 2.5 years ago. The table is in mint/museum condition and the Mayware Mk IV tonearms are equally pristine. I want to set up one tonearm with a mono cartridge and the other with a stereo cartridge. I would appreciate cartridge recommendations as well as phono stage recommendations. For phono stages, although I tend to prefer tubes, I have learned to keep an open mind in this hobby, and so would consider other phono stage types/designs recommended.

I use this system for listening to many genres of music, but mostly classical, jazz, blues, solo instrumentals, and vocals.

Many thanks in advance for all recommendations and comments!
Dear 4musica44107: My advise is to go with MM/MI cartridges, your tonearm match and will be better matched with that kind of cartridges. There are several options, vintage ones and current models.

In the other side, IMHO and with all respect the worst place to use tube technology is at the phono stage audio link. If you can avoid it but is up to you.

Regards and enjoy the music,
I had success with an ADC XLM cartridge. I agree with Raul that a high compliance cartridge is the best match
Rauliruegas - Thank you for your comments and suggestions. What specific cartridge makes/models do you suggest I consider? (BTW, vintage is intriguing, but I would appreciate all cartridge suggestions you are willing to offer.) And is there a particular non-tubed phono stage you believe would be a good choice?

Am following your other advice even as I type this - luxuriating in Beethoven string quartets on vinyl!

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I am using a Denon DLS1 with the Mayware Mk IV. I am very pleased with the performance.

Are you using the original headshell or did you find a more rigid replacement? Do you have the Perspex center hub or the machined aluminum?
Dear 4musica, My Mayware came with my Luxman PD121. I replaced the armboard with a solid maple one and inserted a copper mat for the rubber one. The music resolution, greatly improved.

Did your PD444 come with the Mawyare?
Raul and Jperry - Noted on high compliance cartridges.

Redglobe - I will begin by using the original headshells. Both arms have Perspex center hubs. I bought the table from an audiophile/collector and he set it up for me with the Mayware Mk IV's.

Thanks to all for your suggestions and comments.

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I recently got a Mayware Mk IV tonearm mounted on a Thorens TD 160 Super. It has a Goldring 1006 cartridge and produces excellent sound. Is there anything that could be improved, according to your experience?
Depending on your budget, something like an Ortofon 2M Black, Goldring 1042 or higher end Nagaoka would be excellent. Alternatively a Decca/London cartridge would work really well with a bit of fluid damping on the tonearm.
If you're getting excellent sound with the 1006 maybe you should try a Goldring D42 stylus, made for the 1042. This is interchangeable with your stylus and features a Gyger S tip. I don't know if there is any difference in the generators in this series of carts, but they all have identical specs and seem to be the same. It looks as if you'd be upgrading your cart to a 1042.

The MK IV is a very low mass arm and even though you have that sliding weight on the arm tube, I think you'd have best results with higher compliance carts. For lower compliance slide the weight toward the headshell to increase effective arm mass. In general, MCs are not recommended.