Cartridge Wire Problem

I recently had my tonearm rewired.
Upon receiving my arm back, I noticed that the small amount of cable from the clips to where it disappears into the arm is bare in a spot or two.

Is this going ot be an isse? Will this affect the sound? Should I worry? Should I talk to the guy who did the work?

Shoud I just heat shrink it and forget about it?

Any ideas or comments appreciated.
Oh, and do you know how much weight the Cardas clips add to a stylus? Cause the 1.7 that it was is way too light.
Thanks Again.

Turntable Fan.
Is this going ot be an isse?

Will this affect the sound?
Well, if they ever touch it sure will!

Should I worry?
Never, this hobby is supposed to be fun!

Should I talk to the guy who did the work?
Absolutely. If you paid him a reasonable fee he owes you reasonable workmanship. It sounds like he was careless, lazy or blind.

Shoud I just heat shrink it and forget about it?
If you're willing and able okay, but those wires are incredibly delicate and they often need to make a loop or two to go from arm to cartridge. Will you be able to heat shrink them finely enough? If I were paying I'd politely request a proper rewire, but YMMV.

Sorry, no loose clips around here to weigh. You can always add a headshell weight or some weight on top of the headshell if necessary.
Dear Sector 2814: Don't worry about and do nothing that Doug recomended: this Doug has very little know how in analog audio ( he told in this forum that he has only 13 months on analog ), but he likes to be in all threads ( water of all glasses ) ,with not a single own contribution: it can't do it is an inexperience man, yet.
Sector 2814: use nail enamel on the bare wire, that's all.
Regards and enjoy the music.
Excellent suggestion Raul, IF he chooses to DIY a fix.

That's certainly better than attempting to heat shrink, which I also discouraged.

BTW, what color nail enamel do you recommend? I'm not much of an expert on that either.