Cartridge Upgrade for Rega P-25 Table

I am currently using a Benz-Micro Mc 20 E 2 cartridge.

The rest of my system is
Harbeth Compact 7 ES2 or Proac Response 2
Quad 99/909 or Aronov 960i
Fosgate Phono Preamp

No price range, but I do not want to upgrade the TT right now.

I listen mostly to folk music and jazz with some occasional classic rock thrown in the mix.

I would appreciate input and suggestions on this. Thanks.
I have a fully modified/upgraded P25 and have used many different cartidges, all with pretty good success. You say no price range, so it's kind of hard to narrow down. I'll list my suggestions from expensive on down:

Lyra Delos (overkill for this table, but very nice)
Dynavector 17D3
Sumiko Blackbird
Dynavector 20X2L or H
Audio Technica AT150MLX (currently on my table and WONDERFUL)
Grace F9E (my favorite moving magnet)

Your Fosgate will drive almost anything out there, so no problem on lower output MC.
Thanks for your ideas Mofi. I have owned Dynavectors before so I was thinking about the 17D3. Have you used any of the Denon 103 or 304 cartridges?

I looked at some other posts, including yours, and may do some upgrades on the Rega P-25.
I have a couple of Denon 103D's that SoundSmith redid. I also have a Zu Audio/Denon 103 currently on my Oracle Delphi MKIV.

I did try one on the P25, but really didn't like it that much. I can't remember why? Maybe just a poor match or maybe it was my mood that day :-)

The 17D3, (or a 17D2MKII) would be an excellent choice.
One of the best things for you to do with your P25 is to get it off of those rubber feet. Put 3 Cardas blocks or dominos under the wood surround and it will improve performance. Have you rewired the arm and got an offset (dropped) counterweight for it yet?....that will further improve things.
I have not upgraded the P-25 at all. I will look into the Cardas Blocks and arm rewiring. Based on the numbers below I will have $1349 (479+870) of upgrade plus trade value in the P-25.

For another $250 I can buy a used VPI Scoutmaster currently on Audiogon. Would that be a better decision?

175 Rewiring (Cardas)
269 Tonearm Cable (Cardas)
35 Myrtlewood Blocks (Cardas)
479 Total

870 Audiogn BB Value for P-25

Thanks for your thoughts and ideas as I work through this.
Jperry...I have a Scoutmaster and love it.
I just bought a used Rega Planar 25 and intend to install a Sumiko Blue Point Special Evolution III MC cartridge. I've heard good things about this pairing - Rega and Sumiko. I would be interested to hear any other comments about this combination. By the way, I really like the look of the Rega. It's replacing an entry-level Pro-Ject Debut III turntable with Ortofon OM40 MM stylus. Actually, that turntable sounds great - but I prefer the esthetics of the Rega much better. I also ordered the GrooveTracer Reference Subplatter which should make a big difference in sound quality.
For $1350 plus your Rega P25 you should have enough to buy a VPI Classic - new TT and better arm or Scout II.
Alternately the cheapest upgrade for the P25 would be Rega power supply and groovetracer bearing/platter which would yield significant improvements.
I used a Glider on the 25 that I owned and enjoyed for few years. Benz carts are good choices for the Rega arms.
Thanks for all of the input. I am still looking for a deal on a dynavector cartridge right now.
You can't use the TT-PSU Rega power supply on the P25 unless you first upgrade the motor to the newer 24v that Rega offers.
Thanks for the info Naubil. I will see if that is someting my dealer can do and the cost.
If you can find a Heed "Orbit" Power Supply that will work without swapping out the motor. I have one on my P25 and it works very well. It's designed for the Rega tables.
Thanks Mofi. I will look for one of those.
Mofi - I ordered a Dynavector 17D3. Will I need a spacer for the tonearm?

Made an inquiry to the Heed importer and waiting to hear back.

Thanks for your help.

Jim Perry
Hi Mofi,
Did you try Ortofon 2m BLACK on RB tonearm?
I think you will like it over AT150.
I do.
My setup:
*Modified Thorens TD316
*Absorber plate
*Michell RB 300 + Tecno Counterweight
*Ortofon 2M Black
I received and installed the Dynavector 17D3. I used a DB Systems protractor for the setup. It was challenging with the almost invisible cantilever on this cartridge. Bass and detail are much better than the Benz Micro MC-20E2 L that it replaced.

Thanks to everyone for their comments.

I am trying to contact the importer for HEED power supply for the Rega TT, but he has not responded to my e-mails yet
Glad you like the 17D3, it's great cartridge. You could try BlackBird Audio for the Orbit Power Supply. They are a Heed dealer:
Thanks for the referral. I will give them a call.

If you live in the US you can't get the Heed power supply-at one time it was sold in the US, but not anymore.
I had a Benz Glider cartridge on my Rega P3, then upgraded to the Benz Wood and was thrilled with the sound. I now have a P5 and still using the Benz wood. It is an amazing cartridge, and won't break the bank. BE CAREFUL of VTA, I had to raise the pivot by 3mm. I have spoken to others recently about my combination and they also feel it is a superb match. HAVE A LISTEN.
Thanks Nabil. I just received this message from a Heed retailer

Heed Orbit has not been brought into the US market now for a couple of years, ever since Rega went to their new motors. While your Planar 25 would benefit from one, I'm afraid there are none to be had.

So I will see if a used one show up on Audiogon (not likely) or decide whether to change table up the Rega line or to another brand.

Any thoughts on what works great with a Dynavector 17D3. I saw some B stock rega 7 tables for sale at $1,800 or ...?
I upgraded from a P25 to a P7 and have never looked back. The P25 is a very nice table; but it is essentially an upgraded P3. You could upgrade the P25 motor and add a TT-PSU, but then you still have a P25. The Rega 7s you've seen are probably not B stock items, I think Rega is about to drop the P7 with a new table coming out to replace it. Personally, I would opt for a new P7, at $1,800 it is a major steal.
Thanks for your thoughts on the upgrade. A couple of questions:

Is the P7 a really significant upgrade over the P5?

Also, is the P9 a really significant updrade over the P7?
If you can swing the Classic you'd win. Put a Benz cartridge in it and be floored.
Jerry this would make a nice upgrade to your 25.
I see you use the Aronov. How do you like it?
The arm upgrade look very cool.

I like the Aronov a lot, really quiet and sounds great.
Hi Jperry,

I know that there are some that will disagree with this, but I think that the P7 is the sweet spot of the Rega line-you get 85-90% of the performance of the P9 at half the price. I find that it is a significantly better table than the P5-and at $1800 vs $1300 a no brainer. You get a dedicated power supply-no electronics on the table at all, the same bearing assembly and sub-platter from the P9, a metal double pulley assembly, and the ceramic platter.
Thanks Nanbil. I am deciding what to do here and taking my time over, for me, a difficult decision.
Yes, it is a difficult descision-the important to remember is that whatever you get will provide you with thousands of hours of enjoyment, so you need to be comfortable with your purchase. Enjoy the chase!
Things never go quite as planned. I ended up with a Shelter 901 and a Basis 2000 turntable with a Basis modified Rega RB-300 arm. I also made a number of other changes to the system along the way.

Thanks to everyone for their input and help with this process.

Jim Perry
I saw in your continuing upgrades you had a shelter 901 . I also am using one on my Scout and always liked it. However after I damaged it while moving I had Soundsmith retip it and it was a easily noticeable leap up in detail. possibly the best 350 I have spent on gear.
Thanks for the comment. I have a couple of cartridges I had retipped by Soundsmith and I think they may be better than new. Nice to know they can do my Shelter with good results also.

You should post up your system. It sounds like we have a number of components in common