cartridge upgrade for project 2 experience

I recently purchased a project 2 experience. What would be a good cartridge upgrade. Also some advice on a phono stage. I am presently using a projectphono box se. I realize the table is not a super high end table but with my present setup I don,t believe I am even coming close to what this table can do. Any advice would be appreciated'
Depending on your budget either the Sumiko BluePoint Special EVOIII 399.00 or the Sumiko BlackBird 799.00.
Have you considered one of the Denon carts? Either the dl-110 (which is what I use) or the dl-160 are well reviewed here on A'gon. They're both relatively high output MC carts so they should be run thru an MM stage. The dl-103 low output MC is also supposed to be dandy. I think I'll take a go at one myself to see if it's all that.
Good luck!