cartridge upgrade for a Pro-Ject Expression II

I have recently rentered the vinyl world. I added a pro-ject expression II(w/stock oyster cart) to my HT set up. That didn't work out too well...too bright for my musical liking with my Rotel stack and Paradigm Studios. So... i built a budget 2 channel system just for music. System set up is below. After several weeks of listening, i am looking to take my system to the next level I am looking for some suggestions on a cartridge upgrade in the $200-$300 range... that's all I got left in the budget. Am I better to stick with MM or move to MC? I listen to a fair amount of blues, jazz, classic rock and accoustic music.

The TT is played through
quad 21Ls
jolida 1501 rc
mu fi x-lpsv3
jolida JD100a (which is fantastic)
transparent ICs (100s,Links and Waves)

any suggestions from some of you veteran analogers would be greatly appreciated.
thanks in advace for sharing......
Dear Sesto: This is a very good choice:

Regards and enjoy the music.
Sumiko Blue Point.